Old Films of the Maher Cup, People & Life in & around Harden-Murrumburrah

filmThese two 20 minute (approx) videos, linked below and now placed on You Tube, are from a found film reel that was given to Wal Galvin of Cootamundra on DVD. The creator is unknown. It is uncaptioned and silent. Two things are clear from watching.  They were amateur films shot in the early 1950s. The main town featured is Harden-Murrumburrah, with some film also from Young and Goulburn as well as from a farm.

It would be wonderful to fill in the gaps. Who are the people? What Rugby League matches are being played and where? (Roberts Park, Murrumburrah?) What about the other sports the buildings and towns?  So much to discover.  Please leave some comments if you know. Continue reading

100 Years of Temora Rugby League 2014

Temora Rugby League is celebrating its centenary in 2014. Jim Woods in this embedded YouTube video was a key member of some very strong Temora teams in the 1930s. Temora defended the cup for ten consecutive matches in 1935-36.  Temora Rugby League

The DVD to celebrate the centenary was launched in August.   It is very professionally presented, very interesting, and costs $50. The money goes to junior football.  If you are interested in the Maher Cup it has plenty of information about the early days.

You can buy a copy from Fly In To Dan’s in Hoskins Street, Temora. They’re also available somewhere in Wagga.