Maher Cup Games By Year


The cup season generally involved about 15-19 matches. 1953 with 24 games had the busiest schedule. There was only a slight a drop-off in activity during the Depression. Occasionally, drawn out protests caused interruptions. Weather rarely did – they played through whatever. Matches ran well into the war period. I suspect petrol rationing was the main promoter of the interregnum rather than patriotism. Postwar recommencement was swift. They didn’t even wait for the war to finish. Ten matches were played in 1945 prior to Japan’s surrender.

Maher Cup fever was probably pretty consistent from 1922 when three hundred Cootamundra supporters took a special train to Gundagai, only to see their players thrashed 30-2, up until the demise of probably the greatest of Maher Cup teams – that of Harden-Murrumburrah 1958 to 1964. From the mid 1960s interest clearly waned.

A full list of match results

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