The idea of these short sound files of old newspaper articles is to prompt readers to share them with parents and grandparents who will remember the Maher Cup days.  The objective is to prompt memory, start discussions and re-engage with this history.  If you want me to record any particular reports of matches that a relative may have played in I’m most happy to.

Junee Footballers Caught in Floodwaters
Adventurous Trip in Futile Effort to Reach Cowra [for a Sunday match]. 4:34 mins.
Junee Southern Cross, reproduced in the Gundagai Independent, 27 July, 1950


Clubs Would Not Scrap the Maher Cup
And the Kitten became a Ferocious Tiger! 6:25 mins.
Gundagai Independent, May 15, 1952


Floodwaters Maroon Thousands at Football
6000 Rescued from Anzac Park, Gundagai. 5:04 mins
Gundagai Independent: Monday, June 9, 1952

Going home from Anzac Park Gundagai - vs Young 7 June 1952.

Going home from Anzac Park Gundagai – vs Young 7 June 1952.


Near All-In Brawl as Maher Cup Game Ended
Gundagai v Young – 19 July 1952. 3:02 mins
Gundagai Independent, July 21, 1952

All-In Brawl


Four Cootamundra Footballers on Theft Charges
Celebrations after Gundagai Match Prove Costly. 1:46 mins
Gundagai Independent: Monday, July 1, 1957


Gundagai Footballers Were Caught Offside
Replaying the game on  Sunday arvo in the Gresham. 3:35 mins
Gundagai Independent, August 26, 1957


Another Maher Cup Mess
West Wyalong Walks Off at Harden, Ref. Abandons Match. 3:42 mins.
Gundagai Independent, August 24, 1959

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