Old Films of the Maher Cup, People & Life in & around Harden-Murrumburrah

filmThese two 20 minute (approx) videos, linked below and now placed on You Tube, are from a found film reel that was given to Wal Galvin of Cootamundra on DVD. The creator is unknown. It is uncaptioned and silent. Two things are clear from watching.  They were amateur films shot in the early 1950s. The main town featured is Harden-Murrumburrah, with some film also from Young and Goulburn as well as from a farm.

It would be wonderful to fill in the gaps. Who are the people? What Rugby League matches are being played and where? (Roberts Park, Murrumburrah?) What about the other sports the buildings and towns?  So much to discover.  Please leave some comments if you know.

The first film features sport.  Here are the contents:
0.01 Maher Cup match
1:05 Second Rugby League match
2:25 Third Rugby League match
5:07 Fourth Rugby League match
6:20 Lawn Bowls
10:38 Another Lawn Bowls comp.
13:10 Golf
14:15 Tennis
15:30 Motor Racing
16:55 Golf
17:28 Dogs and Men
17:35 More Golf
18:15 More Motor Racing

The second film has some overlap with the sport in the above film but is more about social life.  It was some colour sections:
0:01 Farmer and wife, friends, sheep dog and sheep
1:25 Town street scene – looks like Young – Silknit, Royal Hotel
3:00 Murrumburrah street scene – Commercial Hotel, CBC Bank, Sewell’s
4:10 More Sheep
4:30 Maher Cup – possibly Harden v Young
5:55 Rugby League – maybe Harden v Gundagai
7:15 Rugby League – possibly Harden v Temora (could be Coota)
9:50 Woodchopping
10:18 Rural scape – possibly construction camp
11:11 Rodeo
12:30 Rugby League – maybe Harden v Tumut
13:53 Street scape with people and toddler
15:00 Rodeo
15:13 Show Parade – animals and vehicles (looks like Harden)
16:32 Goulburn Ambulance
17:30 Colour – garden party at prosperous rural home
19:00 Colour – holiday by the sea, learning to swim
20:20 Plane landing and taking off
21:30 Cricket – as SCG?
21:40 Colour – children’s dress up party
22:05 Royal Visit 1954 and Parliament House Canberra


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5 thoughts on “Old Films of the Maher Cup, People & Life in & around Harden-Murrumburrah

  1. I have just watched the old film on facebook. Can recognise a lot of the localities and some of the people.
    The football match is at Robert’s Park Murrumburrah. I recognised “Digger” Moore, one of the sideline officials and Bill Kinnane, one of the players coming off.
    The bowls match was at the old Harden Bowling Club between Rudge’s garage and the tennis courts. (Now Seniors Centre)
    The golf was at the old Murrumburrah Gold Club at the Showground. 9 holes with sand greens.

    The lady on the farm must have been from Murrumburrah area as later showed her coming out of Murrumburrah Post Office.

    I am 83 years old and was born in Murrumburrah. Lived and worked there till 1964.

    • Thanks George. Very useful information indeed. Bill Kinnane retired from football at the end of 1948 but helped out when Harden was short. He played one Maher Cup match in 1951 but that was away at Barmedman. So I’m thinking the match you have spotted him in was not a Maher Cup match. Regards Neil

    • Hi My name is Peter Kinnane and I am Bill Kinnane Great great nephew. I would like to know more about him because I am doing my family tree. If you have any more information or anything about Bill Kinnane please let me know.
      You can email on this email address. ally_B_84@hotmail.com
      Thank you

  2. 10.13 is the War Memorial … could the construction be for the Government buildings in Canberra? (sort of looks like photos I’ve seen for Snowy Mountains scheme.

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