A Dozen Pictures From Those Days

People have sent many pictures to this blog and the Facebook page that add to our understanding and appreciation of the Maher Cup years.  Photos have also been gathered from various local history Facebook sites.  Below are 12 of my favourites.

1Jack Coulton, Ray Dunn, Vince Sullivan and Gordon Hardwick share a beverage at the Royal Hotel, Gundagai about 1950. Source: Barry Luff via Lost Gundagai  Facebook site.

2Barmedman, the Maher Cup, Jesus, Rusty Gorham. The Gorhams came to Barmedman from Boorowa before WW2. Russell enlisted in the AIF, returning to farm wheat and sheep on “Clear View”. In 1949, aged 24 he married Merle Quinlan, sister of his football mate Col Quinlan. A big man with safe hands Rusty was good enough to represent Group 9 and Riverina. At 44 he was still playing along side his sons Dennis and Frank in the Barmedman team. He also become an administrator, coach and club patron. Photo courtesy of Maureen Gorham.

3Broadcasting on a cold Tumut day in 1965. The callers are John Ringwood and Bill Dennis. Grenfell reserve Wally Gam is trying to keep warm behind. Source: Tumut RSL Club collection. Story: http://mahercup.com.au/blog/2015/09/08/snow/

4Greek-run cafes were in every Maher Cup Country town and village and provide fond memories of our social life as teenagers.  This is the Kovellis family at their Allies Cafe, Grenfell.  Source: Trish Forde on the You Know You’re From Grenfell Facebook site. Story: http://mahercup.com.au/blog/2014/09/30/greeks-in-our-lives/

5Proud Harden boys 1949. All played Maher Cup – Jack Phemister, Bruce Tozer, Ryan McCarthy, John Dowd and Don White.  Photo from Wal Galvin’s collection.

6Blokes celebrating at a Tumut wedding in the early 1950s. Billy Rivers, Ken Stubbs, Geoff Williamson, Andy Kell, Pop Peel, Mick Rivers, Gary McGrath, Ross Kell, Les Kell.  Source: Steve and Lesley Kell on Tumutians Facebook site.

7The tough and unmistakable Ron ‘Dookie’ Crowe leading out on to a typically dry West Wyalong field. A fearsome place to play. Sorry misplaced the source of this one. Story: http://mahercup.com.au/blog/2015/06/19/ron-crowe/

8Reunions played an important role in Maher Cup history. It was not just about sport but friendship and community. Source: Beverley Wellington on Facebook site Gundagai and Its People.

9Brass bands have always been part of the Maher Cup world. Source: Joy Peter Paul Grovenor posted to the Harden Murrumburrah Historical Society Facebook page.

10Gnarled warriors Fred De Belin and Nevyl Hand. International footballers who moved to Maher Cup Country in the 1940s, raised their families in our small towns and contributed to the community for the rest of their lives.  Source: https://www.cootamundraherald.com.au/story/2221017/farewelling-a-legend/ Stories: http://mahercup.com.au/blog/2015/06/18/fred-de-belin/ and http://mahercup.com.au/blog/2014/04/14/nevyl-hand/

11 & 12

Young Jimmy Dowell holds the Maher Cup in 1957 when Tumut played in red & green instead of their traditional sky blue.  Source: Lost Tumut Facebook site. Photography by Ted Shai-Hee

It’s not always about football. Wally Towers from Muttama who played for Barmedman and Gundagai with his children. Source: Wal Galvin collection.

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