3,300 Maher Cup Players or there abouts

So far 3,233 accounted for with a few others still in hiding. The latest alphabetic list of players is here. The chronological match and team members list with scorers is here.

Of these 3,233 men some 150 played in the Maher Cup for two different clubs, 19 for three clubs and just two, Clarrie Joyce and Frank Blundell played for four. Clarrie Joyce was a builder from Tumut who played in the first Maher Cup match back in 1920.  He then joined Gundagai in 1921, West Wyalong in 1923, and Cootamundra, where he settled, in 1926.  He died when still quite Young. Blundell the energetic father of squash champion Heather McKay, hailed from Queanbeyan and played there as well. He was a baker and like Joyce he had a occupation that enabled him to easily relocate his work.  Continue reading

All Maher Cup Winners 1920-1971

Below is a chart showing the winner of each Maher Cup match through time.  Where there was a draw it has been coded for the holder.

The colours have been selected to best represent the team colours.  While I’m confident that teams colours have been pretty constant for Tumut, Gundagai, Cootamundra, Temora, West Wyalong and Young, others have not been.  If you have further information about when and how team colours changed I would be most interested. Continue reading

Cootamundra The Dominant Team

Although Tumut is both the place of origin and place of rest for the Cup, Cootamundra was the heart of Maher Cup football. As you can see below Cootamundra was clearly the dominant side.  It was also the geographical and administrative centre of Maher Cup and Group 9 Football.

There were in my calculation 729 challenges between 1920 and 1971 for the Maher Cup. Continue reading