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I have created a list of more than 3,300 people who have played for the Maher Cup.   I believe it includes more than 99% of players 1920-1971.  Often names are miss-spelled in newspaper reports. Frequently surnames only are printed.  Two newspapers covering the same match can produce differing player lists.  Match programs give the selected team, not the team that took to the field – so checking, expansion and correction of the data will be ongoing.

Any player biographical information you can contribute and/or corrections will be most warmly appreciated.

Neil Pollock



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10 thoughts on “Complete List of Players

  1. My father Geoffrey Maurice Sheean – 1921-1987 was know as The Snake .. He knew Peter OConnor.. Spike McManus Poodle Rule … He was a local barber and played for Young and I’m sure in the Maher Cup .. He also knew John OReilly and his sister .. I remember being in the car on the sidelines in Young, Boorowa, Cottamundra and English visitors games in Wagga .. I have a photo of players and their names from long ago ..

  2. Hi Toni. Thanks for the information. I can’t locate your dad in Young Maher Cup teams but I do have Les Rule who is assume was called “Poodle”. Players from the 1941 team included Bill Kearney, Merv Denton(c), Abe Hall, Sid Hobson, L. Nicholls, Alex ‘Blue’ McDowell, Les Rule, T. Logan, N. O’Malley, Jack Richens, Mart Keogh, Jack Brown, Merv Torpy[Young Witness]. The Maher Cup was not played between 1942 and 1944, probably the period when your dad was most active – given he was born in 1921. The first Maher Cup team in 1945 was Bill Kearney(c), C. Briggs, B. Gibson, E. Frost, F. Crowe, B. Powderly, Arthur Marks, R. Richens, Les Jennings, W. Douglass, Jack Richens, P. Maloney, T. Logan[Young Witness]

    • Hi Neil. I think all the Rule men were called “Poodle”. I’ve no idea why but in Young lots of people had nick names. Dummy Punt played Maher Cup. Horse Cutler couldn’t have played footy because his glasses were as thick as the bottom of a Coca Cola bottle but his name lingers in my mind. I began school in 1949 and one of Merv Denton’s daughters was in my class. I remember Abe Hall dying young in an accident. Sid Hobson lived down the Temora road when I was a kid. The Hobsons were strong footballers. Bernie Gibson was Paul’s father.

      • ‘All the Rule men were called ‘Poodle’, there was only three of them! My Dad – Les, the original Poodle, my brothers Michael and Kim.

        • Hi Joy. Various sources refer to a J. Rule who played for Young in 1949. He was a centre or wing, while Les was a half back. There was a John Keith Rule of Topview, Young – any knowledge of him?

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