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2 thoughts on “Biogs.

    • Yes Peter they did. Wamoon lost their first challenge – in 1969, and then after Wagga Kangaroos forfeited the match in which Wamoon was to have their second challenge, to trophy went west, where it was defended against Cootamundra and then Gundagai. At year’s end Wamoon held the Cup. Then Group 9 declared that only Group 9 teams would be allowed to participate in the Maher Cup competition in 1970. So President Bruce Maitland from Barmedman went over to the MIA and brought the Cup home. This was all in the final days when Cup fever barely existed anymore. One of Wamoon’s stars was David Barnhill. Some Wamoon folk apparently think the Maher Cup should be still in the little irrigation area village as they were the only team never to be defeated once they had won the Cup.

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