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  1. Thanks for allowing me to join site, my father in law Mick Curry & my husband’s uncles, Geoff & Bob Farrar, from West Wyalong all played Maher Cup

    • You’re most welcome Robyn. I’ve only put the Facebook page up a week ago so very quiet there in these early days. I’m from Wyalong too – went to Toppy primary in the 1950s before moving to Caragabal. Your husband’s forebears are certainly Maher Cup royalty. The West Wyalong Advocate from the 1930s is on Trove now – just added in the last few weeks – so you can view match reports online. The more I delve into who the footballers were it seems that almost all the local players were related in some way. Was Mick Curry’s wife a Farrar? I’ve got a picture of the 1938 team in Peter Campbell’s book on WWyalong rugby league with no names attached. It will almost certainly include your three folks. What if I scan and post it on Facebook? – would you be able to identify them? I’m also working on writing an article on the six Templeman brothers from Bellarwi – three who played with Mick Curry and the Farrar Bros. in the 30s – the others played fro Barmedman. Cheers, Neil

  2. Thank you for putting this interesting site together. The Maher Cup is a huge piece of Rugby League history and a window into Australian history. My father Captian Coached Grenfel to Maher Cup victory in 1950 and loved living in the area. He said that the cup was hugely important to the economies of many towns as a home game brought many fans to their town, which meant full hotel rooms, full pubs and alot of meals from cafes’. A hard time by todays standards, but what a wonderful era.

    • Many thanks Clem. Yes I know of your father of course, a very significant footballer. I went to High School at Grenfell (in the late 1960s). Rugby League was quite sad there by that time and my brother played Union as they had the better team. How did your dad finish his career after Grenfell? I read he coached Souths Presidents Cub team to victory but have no idean after that. Thanks again, Neil

  3. Neil,
    Grenfell was his last year as a player and a couple of years later he started to coach Souths Presidents Cup which he did for 16 years, winning 8 Premierships, 6 in a row and, I think, twice Runner Up. His coaching methods were ahead of his time. 1st grade teams started training in mid January with other teams starting later than that. His teams started in December and were the fittest you would find. He trained with the players and never asked them to do anything that he wouldn’t. He coached Souths Third grade and just missed a shot at coaching 1st grade which many people beleived he should have got. First Grade coaches of the 50s and 60s had alot of success with junior players identified and nurtured by Clem, with many of them becoming Internationals. He was also a first grade selector and talent scout for Souths. He was always involved in footy one way or another and later in life enjoyed watching his grand sons play Junior Reps. He passed away at the age of 89 in 2010 and of course he is missed. He loved Rugby League.


  4. Congratulations on a great website. its always great to look back at our local history. Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. The photo of the maher cup train and team one of the players (my father) was G Jackson not C Jackson. I also have the photo myself.

    • Hi Elayne. Happy new year. Thanks for the correction. Was your dad G.L.Jackson who was a fireman for the railways. What was his given name? Have you any given names for the people in the Junee train photo where I have only initials? Sorry for all the questions. Cheers Neil.

      • Hi. Great websitem
        My father Jim Doherty for Junee 31 May 1947 side that won the Maher Cup. But he doesnt seem to be in the train pic.

  6. Your photo of West Wyalong 1956 Maher Cup team names f/r
    kneeling Algie Metcalf (ok) then Baden Broad however this is Barrie Stanford the rest of the team is ok, Can u correct
    Baden was out injured

  7. Hi. I have two things wrong then. Also spelled as Barry in team lists. Do you know which match the photo. matches? v Junee on 21 July 1956 would match my team list against the photo.
    Cheers Neil.

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