Maher Cup Book Part 1 (Draft)

This draft, which you can read online, and/or download (and then print out), is part of a much larger book in preparation. Part 1 has been prepared to support the activities surrounding the Maher Cup revival match at Tumut on Saturday 3rd April 2021.

The event will mark the centenary of rugby league in the Tumut district. Gundagai District Rugby League Club, who will be competing in the two scheduled Cup matches will also be celebrating its 100th year.

Part 1 starts with the origins of rugby league in the NSW South West Slopes and northern Riverina and describes the first four years of Maher Cup play. It also seeks to reflect on what the communities of the main protagonists: Tumut, Gundagai and Cootamundra, were like in those years of recovery and hope after the Great War.

A list of all known Maher Cup players (from 1920 to 1971) is also available at and will be included in the completed book.

The book which includes descriptions of all Maher Cup matches from 1920 to 1971 will be published in the second half of the year.

Please feel free to download this version, print it out, and distribute it to those who may be interested – particularly people likely to provide feedback, comments and additional information.

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